Saturday, November 10, 2007

King of Spain an Prime Minister feed up with Hugo Chavez's big mouth

King of Spain an Prime Minister Zapatero feed up with Hugo Chavez's big mouth
At last! Spaniards finally told Chavez what everybody else wants to: SHUT UP!

The news appeared today in Spain's newspaper ABC online. In this video, you can tell how Mr. Zapatero is asking Hugo Chavez for a little bit of respect for him to address to ex-president Aznar. This happened at the Cumbre Iberoamericana in Chile. Zapatero said to him, that there is a conduct norm that everybody should do, and is to address others with respect. To that, Mr. Big-Mouth-Clown of Venezuela insisted insulting Aznar for a second time, calling him a "fascist.

And, guess what, non other that the King of Spain intervened this time to put Chavez in his place. He said to him, "why don't you shut up?"

This is so shamful. You can make your point across without behaving like a caveman. I cannot believe that someones NEEDS to teach this guy some manners on a political summit. For the record, I never voted for Hugo Chavez.

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