Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cuba’s Political Succession:From Fidel to Raúl Castro

If you follow the link below you will find an interesting report, prepared by CRS to the US Congress, back in October 23rd 2007. It seems that Raul bring some Cuba Openings. The report says:
"In a speech on Cuba’s July 26, 2007 revolutionary anniversary (commemorating the 1953 attack on a military facility in Santiago, Cuba), Raúl Castro acknowledged that Cuban salaries were insufficient to satisfy basic needs, and maintained that structural and conceptual changes were necessary in order to increase efficiency and production. He also called for increased foreign investment. For some, Raúl’s call for structural changes was significant, and could foreshadow future economic reforms such as allowing more private enterprise and a shift away from state ownership in some sectors.
A contrary view is that Raúl’s speech offered nothing concrete that would open the Cuban economy, but instead emphasized that the key to economic improvement was greater discipline and productivity".
vdebate reporter



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