Sunday, June 3, 2007

Pinocchio TV - Do you see your nose?

Pinocchio. TV es la nariz? (Do you see your nose)

by Laureano Marquez

On Tuesday, on an obligatory nationwide TV (cadena), they told us the tale of Pinocchio (How curious, how strange and what a coincidence! : a TV station is now considered to be dignified when it shows cartoons while people protest in the streets).

A Pinocchio of the XXIst. Century, who has nothing to do with the capitalist ideology with which Walt Disney has sold us history, almost centenary of Carlo Collodi. It happens to be, in this version, of an endogenous puppet that interprets the dialectic process of society, who does not lie, but strips off the facts of its ideological content, molding reality for each circumstance. Thus, for example, according to the latest part of the tale:

  • An opposition student is not necessarily a student. If he is a student, he is being manipulated, has no convictions· If they have convictions, they are the ones of the Empire that thru the CIA, buys consciences.

  • If the CIA has bought them, it is to use them as meat for the slaughterhouse (A terrible statement when it is made by the owner of the slaughterhouse. ) and the irresponsible parents.

  • They are numerically insignificant, only the tricks of the mediatic manipulation make them appear as a crowd. On the other hand,

  • The pro-Chavez student is a conscientious and critical being.· He marches because of his convictions. Nothing is behind him.

  • He can reach the Miraflores Presidential Palace because he is part of the “people”· There are always millions of them. Their parents do well in letting them march, they are young and should have a conscience, not go lazing around like the other ones. But on top of that:

  • Actors do not suffer, they are trained to cry· If violence is exercised on the part of pro-Chavez forces (including the use of weapons) it is not violence, it is part of the defense of the pretty fatherland.

  • When someone in the opposition calls for a demonstration, he is a conspirator. But if, from the heights of power, you convoke your supporters to instill fear, it is the pretty fatherland that is being protected.

  • The image of the attempt on John Paul II’s life is an invitation to kill Chavez.

  • And last, it was not a shutdown, it was the end of the concession.

How many times am I going to say it! These and many other things came out of the mouth of Pinocchio. Nobody dared say it, but they all noticed that the nose was growing and growing. It was so public and noticeable that people were trying to get away from him to avoid being hit by it. It was very curious, by the way, that the more it grew, the less the sense of smell.

Meanwhile, Jiminy Cricket, “in an infinite chant of peace”, travels around the streets of the country, shouting to the world that in this country there is still conscience and hope. It is no surprise that some have begun calling that crowd of crickets that whistles in the streets “The generation of the 28th”

Laureano Márquez

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