Sunday, July 26, 2009

Case Honduras: To Mr. Barack Obama and Mrs. Hillary Clinton

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Resistencia Civil de Venezolanos en el Exterior addresses
the President and Secretary of State of the United States of America,
Mr. Barack Obama and Mrs. Hillary Clinton

With all due respect for said citizens, who hold the highest offices in the admired Northern country, we would like to express our astonishment regarding the position their government has taken in the case of the Honduran crisis.

As citizens who believe in the principles of a participatory democracy and in the values that constitute the foundation of a nation, we are of the opinion that Manuel Zelaya, the ousted president of Honduras, violated the Honduran Constitution by disregarding the decisions made by his country’s institutions concerning his actions, which were against that established by Law, and disrespected the Armed Forces constitutional mandate. Additionally, he allowed the intromission of the governments of Venezuela and Nicaragua in affairs that belong solely to the sovereignty of the Honduran nation.

When the United States of America punishes with all their might the new Honduran government, they are simultaneously sending the wrong message to the world, they are saying: “Obey dictators like Chavez, now you know what will happen to those countries that defend their rightful Constitution”.

We are Resistencia Civil de Venezolanos en el Exterior, we are RECIVEX

RECIVEX - Civil Resistance of Venezuelans Overseas is a non- profit organization, conformed by Venezuelan volunteers, with representation in different cities around the world. Our mission is to develop, to execute and to promote initiatives destined to fortify the collective and individual exercise of the fundamental rights of the citizens of our nation. Our main tasks is to inform the international community on the Venezuelan reality, with special emphasis in those matters and circumstances that threaten or violate the democratic principles in our country. Registered in the state of Connecticut, USA.

RECIVEX strives for a democratic, harmonious Venezuela living in justice and liberty.

311 Eastern Street • E 1005 New Haven, CT 06513 • 203-4690434 •

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Obama, Hillary and Chavez

Chavez told Obama= I want to be your friend.
But what about Venezuelans Humans Rights?
What about fair elections in Venezuela?
What about Chavez changing laws in Venezuela and his dictatorship?

Hillary and Chavez

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